Kegel 8 Ultra Plus - A Solution For Pelvic Floor Weakness


Pelvic floor weakness is a real problem for many women following childbirth or the menopause. Indeed, it's a shocking statistic that over a third of all sanitary towels sold supposedly for menstruation are actually for urinary incontinence. Although women are nearly always advised to complete their "kegel exercises", there are inherent problems with these and this is where a device such as the Kegel 8 Ultra Plus can really come into its own.

Many women trying to complete their kegel exercises quickly become disillusioned, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, they often do not feel sure that they are completing the exercises correctly (and indeed research would show that many are not) and secondly, even when exercises are done properly, it can take months before any results are noticeable. This results in many women giving up and having to live with the symptoms of their weakened pelvic floor.

Increasingly, more and more women are turning towards using electronic devices to help to strengthen up their pelvic floor. This is because they represent an effortless way to complete what were previously unachievable goals. When using an electronic pelvic toner, all a woman has to do is insert the probe into the vagina and select the correct setting and switch on. Many women will read or watch TV whilst exercising.

The Kegel 8 Ultra Plus is ideal for women with pelvic floor weakness as it is highly adaptable, taking into account that as the woman exercises, her muscles will begin to strengthen and therefore what she needed from a device at the beginning may not be the same as what she requires a few weeks or months down the line.

The Kegel 8 Ultra Plus is currently the only device which comes with two different sized probes. The wider probe is ideal for women who have recently had children, or who have particularly slack vaginal muscles. The standard sized probe is intended to be suitable for the majority of women. Those starting out with the wider probe may well find that after a few weeks of use, they no longer need it and they are then better suited to the standard probe-this device gives them the option without having to buy a further separate probe.

By: Paula Taylor

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There is no doubt at all that using a pelvic exercise device gives much better results that trying to perform kegel exercises manually. If you are trying to improve your pelvic muscle tone and would like to see some of the best pelvic floor toners available in the UK, including the popular Kegel 8 Ultra Plus, you may like to visit my website, Pelvic Floor Toners.