Turmeric Medical Benefits In A Jiffy


In this day and age herbs and spices are most commonly used in cooking or food preparation. But have you ever thought if they were good for your health?

Many ancient civilizations in places like India and China knew a thing or two about the medicinal properties of herbs and used then extensively in treatments. Today, modern science has had the opportunity to re-examine many of these herbs and attribute some rather interesting health benefits.

One in particular turmeric, is used by many of us who like to prepare and cook spicy foods like an Indian curry dish. But turmeric medical benefits? I had no idea it was anything but a spice I used to color and flavor my favorite curry food.

But, the facts that I uncovered made impressive reading and here are just a few of them.

Because of its anti inflammatory qualities it's used to treat those whose suffer from osteoarthritis.

Some digestive disorders can be alleviated through the use of turmeric.

As a detox and cleanser, and of help in keeping bacterial infection at bay in wounds.

It offers a protective element in some types of liver disease.

The turmeric herb has been found to be effective in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol.

Perhaps the most important one that's worthy of further attention is in studies which are investigating its effects on certain cancers. Though that field is vast, we need to be aware of the parameters of any research or studies that we read about, to get a better picture of turmeric medical benefits.

By: Peter Foremski

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