Organic Food Suppliers - You Can Find Them Everywhere?


There are two categories of organic food suppliers: local businesses such as small family farms, and larger producers that grow crops for export too. Small farms have the support of local communities and regional governments and they usually provide the necessary items for the neighborhood. People living in the countryside will be the first to buy the products of local organic food suppliers. Eggs, dairy products, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables are the most commonly available items. Yet, larger organic food suppliers offer products that are not available locally.

The truth is that the very concept of organic food suppliers is a bit ambiguous and it can be understood in different ways depending on the context. Thus, by organic food suppliers, one can refer to the producers, as we have seen in the previous paragraph, or one may talk about a wider category of businesses that intermediate between the final customers and the producers. For instance, hypermarkets have delivery contracts with large companies and organic food suppliers that in their turn import the products or collect them from individual farms. Only very large organic businesses get to supply food chains directly.

Another type of classification for organic food suppliers takes into consideration the business size. Consequently, there are family businesses that act as organic food suppliers, but there are also mid-size retailers and wholesalers that intermediate between producers and consumers. Businesses that have a limited range of intermediation usually fall in the mid category; yet, wholesalers actually dominate the market. They come with the lowest prices, and the biggest discounts for bulk purchases. For instance, you'll get a discount if you order a few hundred eggs not a dozen.

The pricing policy and the business relationships between the organic food suppliers have a direct influence on the buyers, either in terms of quality or of costs. It is one thing to buy organic tomatoes brought from a nearby farm and a totally different thing to get organic tomatoes that have traveled a few hundred miles before getting on your table. This is in fact the issue with the online organic food suppliers, because, when it comes to delivery, they are limited to a certain predetermined geographic area. If you have the possibility to buy something local, enjoy the opportunity!

By: Roberto Bell

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