Is There Such A Thing As Anti Aging Vitamins?


You could choose to take anti aging vitamins as a defense. We're getting older by the minute, even if you're a new born baby. That's a true enough statement and probably one that for the older generation we do not take too kindly in being reminded about!

However there are a couple of things that our generation can take advantage of that previous generations couldn't.

For a start we now live in a much better informed world about what foods to eat and which ones to avoid or eat less off. Health and dietary information has come along in leaps and bounds, but often leaves us in a perpetual state of confusing choices.

There's one area that has seen tremendous growth in recent years, that feeds our appetite for products that slow the growing old process.

I refer to the mass of anti aging vitamins and dietary supplements that sit on heaving shelves being snapped up by the young as much as by the aging baby-boomers.

In many instances we are simply trying to maintain optimum health when taking these pills, as a result of our everyday foods lacking those essential vitamins and minerals.

The reasons are many and varied but the consensus amongst health experts and a considerable body of evidence suggests that these two things do help to slow the aging process.

The other much mentioned word that seems to inspire confidence in us is antioxidants. Found in a multitude of foods and drinks they form a natural barrier to the damaging effects of things like free radicals.

These damage our cells and are a constant feature of our metabolism, so taking antioxidants on a regular basis is sound advice.

For the really clued up that means taking something like anti aging vitamins regularly. Yes, they do have a role to play in an overall strategy that should not ignore other factors like not smoking and taking moderate exercise.

More on what to look out for and where best to find it is on my main site, where such knowledge is freely shared to anyone who hates getting old before they have to!

By: Peter Foremski

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