The Symptoms Of Diabetes - Who Is At Risk Of Diabetes?


What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disorder in the body's ability to convert glucose into energy. It is caused due to insufficient production of glucose by the pancreas. In diabetes patients, glucose production is reached.

Diabetes symptoms often start slowly, and difficult to recognize at first. They May of fatigue, sudden weight loss, blurred vision, slow healing of wounds, frequent urination - especially at night, and thirst. The loss of fluids persuades extreme thirst, leading to more frequent urination.

Doctor believe a patient to have diabetes if he has health problems related to diabetes such as heart disease, changes in vision, deadness in the feet and legs or sores that are slow to heal. These Diabetes Causes do not indicate that the person has diabetes, but these problems must consult a doctor.

A person with diabetes in May really be free from symptoms. Type 2 diabetes, in particular, develops slowly, even years before it is diagnosed. When symptoms develop, they differ from one person to another.

Develop symptoms ranging from type I and type II diabetes. In type I diabetes, they usually slowly in children or young people over a few days or weeks. In type II diabetes, symptoms develop more slowly over a period of several years - in adults over forty years. Adults do not understand that they have diabetes mellitus.

Type - 1 Diabetes Symptoms:

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes are often abruptly. They include:

1) thirst exception (also called polydipsia)

2) Dry mouth

3) frequent urination (also called polyuria)

4) Weight loss

5) You feel weak and tired

6) The lack of clarity of vision

Type - 2 diabetes symptoms:

People with type 2 diabetes do not usually any symptoms.

They include: - blurred vision

1) Cuts or sores that heal slowly

2) skin itchy

3) increased thirst

4) frequent urination

5) leg pain

Type - 3 diabetes symptoms:

1) increased thirst

2) increased urination

3) weight loss despite good appetite

4) fatigue and weakness

5) nausea and vomiting

6) including those who are frequent infections of the bladder, vagina and skin

Other symptoms of diabetes include:

1) flu-like symptoms - such as a viral illness, with fatigue and loss of appetite.

2) The gain or weight loss - as the body attempts to reward for lost fluids and sugar, you tend to eat more than normal and increased weight. On the other hand, a May also eat more than usual, but also because the fall in the muscle tissues do not get enough glucose to generate growth and energy. In fact, most people with type 1 diabetes are at or below their normal weight.

3) Blurred vision - high levels of sugar in the blood draw fluids from tissues in the body including the eye lenses. For many people, causing mild blurred vision. However, for others the effects May be much more serious and even blindness.

4) Nerve damage (neuropathy) - excess sugar in the blood can lead to loss of sensation in hands and feet. May also supports a burning pain in the legs, feet, arms and hands. Many men over age 50 and older with diabetes May experience some degree of relation dysfunction damage to nerves that can produce an erection.

5) Swelling of the gums and tender Diabetes problem increases the risk of infection in the gums and bones that enter the teeth in place.

6) Recurrent yeast infections.

7) The smooth dark skin changes of the neck, armpits and groin, called acanthosis nigricans.

Diabetes is sometimes not identified early; because people feel they are normally urinate more, simply because they drink more. It is preferable to self-controlled by a doctor before beginning to limit his fluid intake. If you have any of these symptoms, contact a doctor immediately be verified.

By: Mark Richard

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