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Migraine headaches is very easy cause someone to lose daily function as well as enjoyment of life. Preventing and treating migraine headaches, however, can be done effectively with a wide range of both over the counter and prescription drugs. The exact causes of migraine headaches remain unknown to the medical community, but it is widely held that serotonin levels in the brain play a significant role in the formation of migraine headaches.

Common migraine headaches are a more prolonged variation of the problem, and can last for long periods of time. This can be seriously debilitating, and can make daily functioning difficult. Luckily, there are many medications out there that can both reduce pain and help to prevent the onset of migraines. Sleep and plenty of fluids are crucial factors in migraine episode prevention.

Morning Headache
Waking up with a headache can make it extremely hard to concentrate on work or other daily tasks and ruin your good spirits and motivation for the whole day. As unbelievable as it sounds research has shown that about 1 in 13 people suffer from chronic morning headaches. Can you imagine waking up with a headache every single day

Headache associated with specific symptoms may warrant urgent medical attention. Headaches are a common cause of suffering, but all headaches are not created equal. Migraine headaches are severe, recurrent headaches generally accompanied by other symptoms like visual disturbances or nausea. Cluster headaches occur daily over a period of weeks, sometimes months.Cluster headaches are the least common type of primary headaches, affecting about 0.4% of adult males in the United States and 0.08% of adult females.

Migraine and its treatment
Migraine is a neurological disease. A migraine is a very painful type of headache. In some cases, these painful headaches are preceded or accompanied by a sensory warning sign (aura), such as flashes of light, blind spots or tingling in your arm or leg. More than 29.5 million Americans suffer from migraine, with women being affected three times more often than men.

The two types of migraines are differentiated by the symptoms that signal their approach. A migraine with aura, also known as a classic migraine, is a migraine that involves a physiological sign that a migraine is imminent. These warning signs usually occur within an hour of the migraine and last for a few minutes up to a full hour. They can include seeing bright flashing light, loss of vision (particularly peripheral vision), blind spots, inability of the eyes to focus, ringing in the ears, a funny taste in the mouth, or just an overall strange feeling.

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